Drawing For COMPLETE Beginners.


So, you think you can’t draw. Maybe you’ve always been interested. Maybe you have secretly wished you were an undiscovered prodigy. Maybe you’re too afraid to even try. Maybe you think joining an art class means competing against more capable artists…

In the beginner’s class you will be among peers of the same ability. Some may have more natural talent than others, but that’s just lucky for them. It does not mean that the skill can not be learned. Art is like anything else…discover the tools, learn the basics, practice the techniques and you will improve.

beginner drawing

Don’t kid yourself that one class will turn you into Da Vinci, however. No teacher, no matter how amazing, can do that for you. Nothing was ever achieved without a little hard work. You may have to sweat, maybe even jump up and down screaming every once and a while. The pay off is all the more fulfilling.

Let me hand you over to Richard “Dicky” Weaver (our beginners instructor) to tell you a little about what the beginner’s class is all about:

Drawing for the Uninitiated:

Drawing is one of the oldest and most direct forms of communication. It can transcend all cultures and each part of society, yet many of us are in fear of expressing ourselves through this medium.

Like other forms of communication, drawing is a language; it is a way to communicate anything, from a child’s view of the world, to a designer’s detailed specifications for a new product. No drawing is a failure as long as the intentions behind it are not greater than the artist’s ability.

The aim of this course is to furnish students with basic techniques and new objectives which will free them from their (imagined) limitation. Students will be expected to unlearn many of their preconceptions about this art form, and learn to embrace each step forward that they make, no matter how small.

Lesson 1- Materials workshop.
Lesson 2- Basic observation (cheats) techniques.
Lesson 3 – Tone workshop
Lesson 4 – Distortion and expressive drawing
Lesson 5- Change of perception – left hand draw/ contour/ negative shapes, etc. (brief intro)
Lesson 6 – Free draw – Students get to use the techniques that students are most comfortable with (old or new).

Each lesson will feature brief instruction and discussion about new approaches; this will be followed by still life studies where students may implement my suggestions or ignore me completely.

Each session will end with a short class led – positive – critique of that day’s work.

The beginners classes will begin on 20th September, and be held every Tuesday evening: 7:00-9:30pm

The first class will be FREE of charge!

Please contact Attic for more info or to book your place: Email: info@attic-studios / Tel: 083-301-1314