Mosaic Madness!

Student's Work

Mosaic Dish by Lena (Student)

We have recently had a large number of mosaics being created in the studio. The children especially have shown a real appreciation (and surprising patience) for the ancient art form, creating some fantastically detailed  pieces on wooden boards and clay dishes.

Working with colourful glass tiles it is inevitable that, every now and then, they do actually bleed for their craft but this does not deter them one bit! It’s wonderful to see their fearless creativity and determination to get their pieces perfect.

For adults and kids alike mosaic is a wonderful art form to try and to develop further. It’s takes a bit of patience but if you found you had a true passion for it, the possibilities are endless. From hand-making your own tiles to covering a whole floor or wall in an elaborate design.

We often walk right over some of the oldest and most beautiful pieces of art without even realising it.

For further Mosiac references and inspiration, please browse the following links and explore the internet yourself. There is so much out there.

National Gallery

Sonia King – Mosaic Art

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Attic's mosaic corner

Attic's mosaic corner


Mosaic workshop