Elsie’s recent whereabouts revealed…

Anybody who has visited or wandered past the studio recently might wonder where Else has gone. The answer, shock, horror, is to a pub in Soi 33, and all day too!

However, don’t be alarmed for her moral welfare, as were you to wander no further into that soi of iniquity than down the steps to the Londoner you would find her in there, up a ladder painting like Leonardo in the Sistene Chapel. Well not quite, but as the saying goes, when in Rome and appropriately she’s painting London murals.

They are in their early stages yet, but they are going to be quite something, so why not wander along and have a look. Some recent work in progress pictures are below.

Don’t forget that every Wednesday in the Londoner is Whacky Wednesday, when from 6.00 pm you can achieve the desired affect for half the price, or conversely if you so desire, twice the affect for the same price.